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If you are a fan of the latest applications for both the website and the hp laptop pc or android course you do not want to miss on the latest applications applications with a variety of functions
Alternative Android Apps Store than Google Play Store - Already tired of the look I play every store you look for in an application ? Maybe you need a new atmosphere or rather looking for - find a new place to download / download free apps besides play store . The reason that I have found to use the app store than Google Play store is sometimes due to the presence of free apps in the form of a promotion or discount .

In addition it is sometimes also a recommendation application that does not exist in the play store , filter pplication better , and there are applications that should not be in our country .
try the following alternative

1 . The Amazon Appstore for Android
One of the reasons that make the Amazon site to be one of the best sites in the AppStore category is the presence of a device called Kindle Fire which uses the Amazon Appstore as a place to download applications and games are popular .
Even more interesting in the next 24 hours or every day there is a free premium apps that you can use . And also you can try it first before buying the application in question , the term that is often used is a trial version .

2 . Get Jar
Unlike Amazon that promotes premium applications timeless , Get Jar gives a promotion that paid applications can be downloaded for free and without time limit by using the " Gold Apps" are offered every week with a very diverse selection of applications and in some categories .
Even more exciting is that the service can be diapakai Get Jar wherever you are . You can utilize all the services available for free and freely . In addition to providing applications for the Android OS Get Jar also provides apps for Blackberry , Nokia to Palm and others.

3 . App Brain
Brain app has a unique way in terms of offering a different approach to other Apps Store . In addition to providing android application which can be downloaded these sites also provide facilities like a social network of friends .
By utilizing this facility you can get acquainted with a wide - range of people and can advice or recommend an application to others and exchange information about an application .
Brain app also displays free and paid applications that are arranged in categories other than that there are also applications by hot apps today , hot apps this week , and so forth .

4 . The Slide Me
Although not as complete as in Slide Me on Google Play store , Slide me has advantages that are not owned by Google Play Store which include a storage locker . And also you can download free and paid applications that have passed the quality check stage . DI added again you can buy apps using paypal .

5 . F - droid
The app store is one more priority to applications that are free or open source . Free application without ads, no tracking , no supporting applications , and so forth .
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